Stress Awareness Month – April 2022

After the challenges all of us have navigated over the last 2 years – I can definitely hold my hands up and admit to not always getting that crucial work/life balance right. Throw in endlessly over-thinking and it’s a recipe for elevating stress! For me it’s tennis that I can easily relieve my stress. It feels like I’m hitting all the troubles away with my racket. 🎾😀

Let’s raise our awareness about the countless number of ways that we can bring our stress level down.🤔

Stress can be debilitating, and it can cause and/or aggravate health problems. Since stress is a normal part of human existence — nobody is immune to it — it’s important to arm ourselves with knowledge so that we recognise the signs. It’s vital we remember to take time for ourselves to unwind.😃

Healthy Regards


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