Obagi Medical Sun Shield Tint SPF 50 ☀️

Obagi Sun Shield SPF 50 tints are a staple for spring and summer as they give you protection whilst leaving your face with a beautiful healthy glow!

This product is available in three shades:

🧡 Warm Shade: Ideal for skin with golden or olive undertones.

💙 Cool Shade: Ideal for skin with pink or beige undertones.

🤍 Matte: Ideal for patients who do not want a tint.

This Medical Sun Shield tint provides you with the ultimate protection from:

  • UVA Light
  • UVB Broad-Spectrum Light
  • Infrared Light
  • Blue Light

The criteria of this product:

  • Matte
  • Water resistant
  • Tinted to compliment your natural skin tone

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