How it works

Revitalise SkinCare Clinic are well recognised for providing a natural lip enhancement with dermal fillers. Our medical practitioner is highly experienced in performing this treatment and uses the most up to date injection techniques to avoid complications and minimise bruising and swelling.

Whether you are seeking to replace volume loss, restore hydration, correct asymmetry or to achieve the desirable heart shaped lips, we aim to deliver the most safe and natural treatment results. Our aim is to produce a soft and natural enhancement of the lips without looking overdone.

We use a range of dermal fillers which consist of hyaluronic acid, a natural occurring sugar found in skin alongside collagen and elastin. Local anaesthesia in the form of numbing cream is also available at Revitalise SkinCare Clinic.

The results of Lip Enhancement can last between 5-9 months depending on several lifestyle factors. Prior to Lip Enhancement we offer patients a medical consultation to educate, discuss concerns, find out medical history and consider the most beneficial and safest treatment options.

Lip enhancement including sculpting of the lip line £350.00
Lip enhancement top up after first treatment (within 6 months) £250
Vertical lip lines (Smokers lines) From £350.00

If you’re interested in Lip Enhancement please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Revitalise SkinCare Clinic today.