How it works

A common side effect of the ageing process is the deepening of the hollows below your eyes, known as the tear trough. This natural sign of ageing happens because soft tissue loses volume as we get older, and it is often made more noticeable through lifestyle factors such as stress and lack of sleep. This can result in dark circles around your eyes and a tired, haggard appearance that can make you look older than you feel. Luckily, you no longer have to resort to surgery to reverse the effect of ageing.

At Revitalise SkinCare Clinic, we use soft dermal fillers to make subtle enhancements to the tear troughs, filling in the hollow areas for a younger, fresher appearance. The dermal fillers we use contain hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in your skin cells and acts as your body’s own moisturiser for supple, youthful skin.

Following consultation our medical practitioner may suggest a treatment plan that includes strengthening the upper cheek to support the area, as well as treating the tear trough itself for the best cosmetic result.

This treatment is increasingly popular because it alleviates the need for painful, risky cosmetic surgery, which has traditionally been used to remove bags under the eyes.

The treatment takes around half an hour, and you will be able to return to your everyday activities soon afterwards. You will see the results of this treatment immediately, though there may be some slight swelling and bruising.

We understand patients may be concerned about undergoing injectable treatment in the eye area, with the thinner skin in the area being particularly sensitive to pain. To increase patient comfort, we use dermal fillers that contain lidocaine to help numb pain, and numbing cream is available upon patient request.

The results of Hollow Under Eye Treatment can last between 9-12 months depending on several lifestyle factors. Prior to Hollow Under Eye Treatment we offer patients a medical consultation to educate, discuss concerns, find out medical history and consider the most beneficial and safest treatment options.

Hollow under eyes £600

(with licensed dermal fillers for eye area)

If you’re interested in Hollow Under Eye Treatment please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Revitalise SkinCare Clinic today.